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Double murderer commits suicide

Double murderer commits suicide

Niël Terblanché


A SUSPECTED murderer and armed robber, who was free on bail on those charges, strangled his pregnant girlfriend to death before committing suicide.


The man was already the accused person in an armed robbery which resulted in the death of a person, as well as a case of attempted murder relating to him trying to kill the woman he eventually strangled to death on Thursday night.


The incident has cast the spotlight on the ease with which habitual violent criminals are freed on bail in the lower court system of Namibia.


To make it even worse, all the previous charges against the murderer were both registered in Outjo.


Double murderer commits suicide armed robber free bail pregnant girlfriend death
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According to the serious crime report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the shocking incident occurred sometime during Thursday night.


The 43-year-old man allegedly got involved in an argument with his 39-year-old pregnant girlfriend after she told him repeatedly that he is not the father of her unborn child.


The suspect at some stage during the argument used a shoelace to strangle the woman to death.


In an effort to hide the body of his girlfriend, he pushed her remains under the bed.


He then took the time to write a suicide note before hanging himself with a piece of rope in the bedroom where he hid the body of his girlfriend and her unborn child.


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