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Accusations of witchcraft results in shooting

Accusations of witchcraft results in shooting

Niël Terblanché


A RESIDENT of Okuryangava in Windhoek, Victor David, fought for his life and shot one member of an angry mob that accused him of being a witch and a member of the Illuminati.


It is the second such attack in the informal settlements of Windhoek this week.


During the first attack on Wednesday, a woman from the Goreangab Dam was bludgeoned to death with a piece of wood after one of her neighbours accused her of being a witch that has the ability to turn herself into a big dog and that she terrorised her neighbours.


The latest attack occurred on Saturday morning at around 11:00 in the Okuryangava informal settlement. During the fight, one of the people that launched the attack on David was shot in the abdomen.


“This thing has been coming since March 2019. At the time I killed a cat that was pestering my household and my neighbours attacked me and set their dogs on me,” David said.


Accusations witchcraft shooting Okuryangava Windhoek Victor David shot member angry mob
DEEP GASHES: Victor David sustained serious injuries to his head after he was attacked by a mob that accused him of being a witch. – Photo: Courtesy of David Victor.


He said that the situation calmed down and he has been living in peace with his neighbours for the past year and a half.


“Recently the situation became tense again when the people started accusing me of witchcraft. The only thing that I have done was to throw wastewater out in the street outside my shack. The neighbours said that my actions are luring angry spirits to their houses,” he said.


David said that he went to visit with his family earlier on Saturday and that when he arrived at his house, the mob was waiting for him. Some were even hiding in his neighbour’s house to ambush him.


He said the mob attacked him with rocks, pieces of wood and their fists and one of the attackers fired a shot at him.


“I ran inside my house and grabbed my own firearm. The man who shot at me followed me inside and I shot him in the stomach because I was in fear for my life,” he said.


David sustained several deep gashes to his head and he, along with the person that sustained the gunshot wound in the abdomen, were taken to the Katutura State Hospital for medical treatment.


David said that the Namibian Police has arrested him on a charge of attempted murder.


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