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Ndeitunga welcomes returning officers from South Sudan peace mission

Ndeitunga welcomes returning officers from South Sudan peace mission

Zorena Jantze


THE Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga today welcomed eleven Namibian police officers who returned from South Sudan where they were deployed under the United Nations (UN) peace keeping mission.


The officers, consisting of two women and ten men, were stationed in South Sudan for a period of two years from November 2018 to November 2020 and were deployed on the request of the UN.


Welcoming the officers who arrived on 14 November, Ndeitunga stated that the participation of 11 Namibian police force members in the international UN peace keeping mission shows Namibia’s solidarity to maintain peace and security in Southern Sudan.


  • welcomes returning South Sudan peace mission Inspector General Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga police officers


“All of us are a child of international solidarity. As Namibians we have no moral to deny other nations who need our help because for years we have been assisted and supported by different nations and individuals, hence today we are an independent nation,” Ndeitunga noted.


He further stated that the UN prizes Namibia for supporting other nations and as such, Nampol ensures that its presence is felt in peace missions, which has resulted in a lot of experience for the police force.


He thus urged the officers to plough back the knowledge they gained on their mission.


Ndeitunga further noted that conditions in peacekeeping missions or operations are not always conducive, and that they are in most cases complex in nature and demands officers who are committed, fit both physically and mentally and ready to face challenges in such environments.


These may include health threatening conditions such as malaria, allergies, stress, depression and now the outbreak of COVID-19.


Giving a brief overview of their mission, the contingency commander of the group deployed from Namibia, Commander Muyenga Mbauze Celestinus, noted that the civil war situation in South Sudan is currently under control and confrontations usually only happen between cattle raiders and community members who retaliate.  


He added that the challenges that the officers faced in South Sudan included a lack of appropriate uniforms for the region which rained heavily, as well as shortage on S&T funds.


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