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Sordid confrontation with sex workers reveals assault claim

Sordid confrontation with sex workers reveals assault claim

Staff Reporter


A FIGHT with two of Windhoek’s notorious sex workers while under the influence of intoxicating substances revealed that a man, employed by Namibia’s premiere mobile telecommunications provider, MTC, also has a case of assault pending against him.


Senga Makhubela had his hands full with the two women who demanded that he pay them N$500 each for their time after he picked them up from a service station in the area of the Namibian Defence Force’s Head quarters in the central business district of Windhoek.


Apart from accusing Makhubela of being under the influence of alcohol, the two women also revealed that he bought drugs from “drug houses” on four different occasions during their time together.


They reportedly then threatened to break the windows and damage the company vehicle he was driving with bricks if does not pay them the agreed amount of N$500 each.



It is not clear if the women actually rendered the services he was supposed to pay for.


Makhubela’s employer, MTC Namibia, in a statement said that he is an ambassador and employee of the company and distanced itself from his actions portrayed in a video clip that circulated widely.


“MTC can confirm that the male person in the video is indeed in the employ of MTC and investigations are underway to establish the facts pertaining to this incident,” the statement reads.


MTC further assured the public and all its customers that the incident does not reflect the values it expects from all its ambassadors.


The company also apologised for any discomfort the video clip caused and continues to cause.


“MTC will take the appropriate action that is consistent with our disciplinary code,” it said.


In the meantime, it has emerged that Makhubela is facing a charge of assault after he attacked a man at Moto Tique in Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue on Friday afternoon, 6 November, when he went to pick up his vehicle from the shop where some work was done on it.


According to the complainant in the assault case, Makhubela got aggressive upon being informed that his vehicle is not ready yet and that he will have to pay an outstanding account before he would be able to collect his vehicle.


He allegedly slapped the complainant in the face and threw him to the ground after the argument between the two men turned physical.


The complainant states that a co-worker of his had to physically separate them to bring an end to the altercation and after some more shouting and name calling, the suspect left the premises.


The incident with the two sex workers in the streets of Windhoek occurred a few days after the attack at Moto Tique.


The Namibian Police said both incidents are still under investigation.


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