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COCAINE case haunts PDM’s Senekal

COCAINE case haunts PDM’s Senekal

Staff Reporter


THE Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) candidate for the affluent Windhoek East Constituency, Peter Senekal, must answer alleged drug related charges that carry a fine of N$30 000 or 15-years imprisonment if found guilty.


The Senekal revelation was not shared with voters or the PDM-leadership when he applied to be a PDM candidate for the prestigious Windhoek East Constituency.


This is now being carpet bombed by Senekal posters with special social media experts advising and running his social election campaign.


One of his employees and alleged social media employee, Juan Phillip ‘Juanie’ Viljoen also secured himself a candidacy on the PDM City Councillor list on the recommendation of Senekal.


Cocaine case haunts PDM Senekal Popular Democratic Movement candidate Windhoek East Constituency Peter Senekal drug


The latest PDM embarrassment follows just a few days after the PDM had to take urgent steps by suspending its John Pandeni councillor, Hafeni Mafita, for his controversial anti-white statement on Facebook in reaction to a Bank Windhoek employee, Riaan van Rooyen, who had posted a picture of monkeys and compared them to black people. Mafita said he resigned before he could be expelled and has re-joined Swapo.


The alleged drug charges were this week revitalised by the new forensic institute headed by Neels Becker working away laboratory tests that are required for forensic evidence.


According to police sources at the coast, the results from the 2015 case were sent to the investigating officer at Swakopmund and its regional commander for re-opening after the initial charges were withdrawn in anticipation of the lab tests.


The court ordered that Senekal’s bail of N$2 000 be refunded at the time and he was warned that he can be charged when the lab results come back.


This week it arrived from a revitalised Forensic Laboratory that was inaugurated by President Hage Geingob, and an earlier commitment from the commander, Neels Becker, who works away backlogs in the interest of justice.


PDM leaders who were devastated by the revelations of Senekal’s alleged drug related charges said it is even more tragic because Senekal joined another opposition party, the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), a day before his application for being a candidate, and the leadership had to convince him to stay with the PDM, resulting in Senekal resigning from the IPC.


“Our relationship with Senekal started in the presidential campaign when he sold Mahindra jeeps to us when the PDM experienced financial difficulties and could not pay the massive deposit. He assisted us and at the time expressed interest in politics, but we only took note,” a member said.


However, when the regional council elections required PDM candidates, the official opposition party remembered Senekal and asked him.


“As far as I understand, our leadership even went to his office to make sure of the applications and when we approved it, he informed us a day later that he is now a ‘patriot’ and had already paid N$30.00 for his IPC membership card,” added the member.


A delegation was again sent to keep him to his word to the PDM and he resigned from the IPC shortly after.


Staunch PDM supporters claim that Senekal never mentioned his run-in with the law and if he had, the PDM would have never approved him as a candidate as the party prides itself on its reputation as the swift disciplinary action against Mafita proves.


Yesterday, Senekal was still on Facebook singing his own praises without a mention of the shadow of an alleged drug prosecution hanging over his head.

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