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Virtual bird watching event open to the public

Virtual bird watching event open to the public

Staff Reporter


THE public is invited to join a virtual bird watching event that will take place from 16 to 20 November 2020.


Rössing Uranium Limited hosted the event for Namibian school learners on 20 October, which saw more than 600 learners participating in the event.


This year’s bird watching day also marked the 19th year that Rössing Uranium is hosting this event.


The local schools of Arandis, Swakopmund, and Walvis Bay have always been the nucleus of Rössing’s environmental education activities for the past 18 years.



This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mine’s management decided to offer a virtual bird watching experience through the Rössing website, thus creating an opportunity for schools from all regions to participate in our environmental awareness initiative.


Participating schools watched a video on bird watching at the coast and then had to complete a questionnaire, to participate in a competition. The video was presented by the well-known bird watching guide Peter Bridgeford.


“Rössing Uranium acknowledges the existence of biodiversity within our operational footprint, and we are committed to joining this global drive to conserve and protect biodiversity,” Rössing Uranium’s General Manager for Operations Liezl Davies said.


Rössing Uranium has in the past supported projects such as the Damara tern fencing projects, Seabird Rehabilitation Project, and the Vulture Namibia projects.


“Our goal is thus to create a positive impact on biodiversity and contribute to conservation in Namibia at large,” she stressed.


She also thanked the Regional Directorates of Education for facilitating schools in their region to participate in this event.


“We believe a seed has been planted with learners to appreciate the natural environment and take up interest and studies in the conservation of beautiful Namibia,” she concluded.


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