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Sascha found unharmed in Windhoek

Sascha found unharmed in Windhoek

Niël Terblanché


THE 24-year-old Sascha Saulse, who was reported missing in Walvis Bay on Friday, was found safe and sound in Windhoek.


A night manager at the Safari Court Hotel in the capital, Norten Steenkamp, recognised the young woman from social media posts in which the public was requested to help trace her.


Sean Naude the head of the Namibian Marshal Rangers, a volunteer group specialising in crime prevention and providing emergency services, said Norten called him and informed him that the woman is at the hotel and that she was asking for a place to sleep.


Sascha found unharmed Windhoek Saulse reported missing Walvis Bay Friday safe
SAFE AND SOUND: Sascha Saulse in the reception area of the Safari Court Hotel in Windhoek after a night manager recognised her as the person that was reported missing on Friday. – Photo: Courtesy of Sean Naude


“When I arrived at the hotel the young woman was very distraught and disorientated,” he said.


According to Naude Sascha collected her disability grant in Walvis Bay and boarded a taxi.


“She somehow managed to convince the driver to take her to Windhoek and has been wandering around the city since Tuesday evening. She used all the grant money and even gave her mobile phone to a taxi driver when she was N$6 short on taxi fair,” he said.


Naude said that after he put Sascha and her mother in contact with each other she spent the night at the Marshal Ranger central call centre in the city.


“This morning her mother’s employer collected her and she is on her way back to Walvis Bay,” he said.


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