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Namibians following US elections with keen interest

Namibians following US elections with keen interest

Placido Hilukilwa

THE presidential elections in the distant United States of America (USA) have not gone unnoticed by Namibians, with even those residing in the remote rural villages of the northern part of the country following the political developments west of the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, many Namibians are following with bated breath the unfolding American drama.

Some are neutral, following the 3 November 2020 US elections, while others have taken sides based on what they believe about the two presidential candidates – incumbent Donald Trump of the Republican Party and challenger Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

“Trump is straightforward and tough. That is how the president of the world’s only super power ought to be, but there are statements attributed to him that expose him as rude and racist. I expect Biden to be a much better US president,” said Julius Uushona, a resident of Oshakati’s Okandjengedi location.

Petrus Akawa, a religious choir leader at Oshakati, said: “I am following the US elections on the radio and the internet and the last time I checked, the final results were not yet out, but it is clear that Biden is winning.”

Boas Mwapopi, a resident of Ongenga in the Ohangwena Region said that he would appreciate a Biden victory.

“Trump needs to step down. He is rude and hates black people. His leadership style – in fact, the lack there of – has damaged America’s standing in the world,” he said.

Oshakati-based financial consultant Jacobine Andreas said: “I am rooting for a Biden electoral victory because Trump is not presidential material.”

Theresia Iita of Okahao in the Omusati Region is of the opinion that a Biden victory would translate into a catastrophe for Africa.

”I am following the American elections and it appears that Biden is winning and that is bad news to us Africans. Biden is a proponent of radical change and wants to impose on Africa things that we Africans consider un-African,” she said.

The latest updates show Biden with 264 electoral votes, only six votes shy of a victory, while Trump is trailing behind with 214 electoral votes.

To win the race, a presidential candidate needs at least 270 electoral college votes.

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