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Oshikuku address housing backlog

Oshikuku address housing backlog

Maria David


HOUSING has gained prominence as one of the key national development priorities and an important vehicle for addressing poverty and inequality as well as for bringing about social harmony, economic advancement, and ensuring political stability.


This was revealed by Minister of Urban and Rural Development Erastus Uutoni on Friday during the handover of houses to Oshikuku residents.


According to Uutoni, as a nation, Namibia has made the provision of access to decent housing one of the key development priorities as encapsulated in our Vision 2030, National Development Plans, and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.


Oshikuku address housing backlog national development priorities vehicle poverty


Despite several challenges faced by the Oshikuku Municipality, the council has through its Public-Private Partnership with Easy United Holdings JV and Paralo Investment CC completed a total of 120 houses for low to middle-income people.


Uutoni stated that his ministry will continue to provide support, where possible to all Local Authorities, including Oshikuku toward the provision of serviced land and housing to our people.


“It is proven that communities can become richer, and community life can become more satisfying when affordable housing is integrated into a community, bringing people of various socio-economic backgrounds together,” he noted.


He said the Ministry in a joint venture between the Office of the Governor, NHE, City of Windhoek, and the Khomas Regional Council, is currently busy piloting an affordable housing project in Windhoek which will eventually be rolled out to the rest of the country.


“This project is aimed at the transformation and upgrading of the informal settlement in Namibia by providing housing to the ultra-ultra-low income members of our communities. I trust that by the time we arrive here, you will be ready as a region to get on board,” said Uutoni.


Uutoni re-iterated the government’s commitment to continue providing the needed support to the families to acquire adequate shelter, access to affordable land, and benefits from infrastructural development across all 14 regions.


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