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Pohamba electrification gives hope

Pohamba electrification gives hope

Maria David


THE wheels of finalising the electrification of the Pohamba informal settlement in Oshakati have been set in motion by Oshakati Premier Electric.


Although the programme started quite a while back it was interrupted due to a variety of factors and residents have held their fingers crossed for the project to be finalised.


One of the residents, 41-year-old Timoteus Kamati, said he was happy with the electrification of the settlement, but requested Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE) to ensure that they finish what they started.


“They should just not lie to us bringing electricity. Putting up poles should not mean silence,” said Kamati.



Another resident of the settlement, Ndaateelela Shilongo (57), staid that bringing the services to them is an indication that they have not been forgotten.


“We are really happy, crime will be reduced and the safety of all of us will be observed,” she said, adding that now criminals will have to look for new spots to target.


Further, Shilongo indicated that their children will have access to technology and that they will excel in their education.


At the same time, OPE commissioned the free service connection project at Onawa.


A total of 1 439 people have been provided with free electricity since the Onawa project started in 2017. The company has invested a total of N$ 8.2 million in the project.


The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, reminded the residents of Pohamba and Onawa that development is coming it does not come all at once.


Development is a slow process but it’s coming,” he said.
About 340 people are expected to receive free electricity where a total of N$3.1 million will be used in constructing the first phase of the electrification of the Pohamba settlement.


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