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Fuel prices remain unchanged

Fuel prices remain unchanged

Niël Terblanché


FUEL prices in Namibia will remain unchanged for the month of November, the ministry of mines and energy has announced.


This is expected to further lighten the burden on consumers as the price of food and other goods are expected to remain stable.


The ministry of mines and energy in a statement said that the price of refined fuel and the exchange rate between the Namibia Dollar and the United States Dollar remained stable over the past month, which means that minor over and under recoveries in terms of fuel imports occurred.


Fuel prices remain unchanged Namibia November
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The reduction of diesel prices in September and October and a slight gain for the Namibia Dollar against the United States Dollar also saw a lowering in transport costs of the various kinds of fuel to Namibian shores.


“The Ministry will continue to soften the burden on the consumers and at the same time keep the fuel pump prices stable in order to ensure sustainability of the National Energy Fund,” the statement reads.


Fuel prices at the pumps in Walvis Bay will remain at N$11.58 per litre of diesel and at N$11.65 per litre of petrol.

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