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No extension for exam registrations

No extension for exam registrations

Niël Terblanché


GRADE eleven and twelve learners who missed the deadline to register for their final examinations as a result of the State of Emergency and extended lockdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19, will have to wait until next year to finish their examinations.


The Minister of Education Arts, and Culture, Ester Nghipondoka, in a statement said that it was observed that some learners are now scrambling to register for the exams.


“Unfortunately, we have to advise these candidates to consider registration in 2021 as an alternative avenue to obtain their National Senior Secondary Certificates through registered institutions such as Namcol,” Nghipondoka said.


No extension exam registrations learners missed deadline register final examinations State Emergency
Pictured: Minister of Education Arts, and Culture, Ester Nghipondoka. Photo: File


The minister added that in the event where a candidate’s information has been entered wrongly for a wrong subject or level, these candidates have to urgently engage the examination centre where they registered to write the examination to be guided through the process of verification and amendment.


“Each enquiry will be addressed on merit and evidence of the initial registration process,” she said.


The minister indicated that amended admission permits will be made available through the respective examination centres, adding that because of some concerns aired by the public, the issue was clarified with the office of the Ombudsman.


“We must be conscious that the above problems could have been avoided should the candidates and schools or examination centres have duly respected and honoured the prescribed timelines and written guidelines on this process of verification of candidates’ registrations,” she said.


Nghipondoka stated that the data management system is closed for any changes after the final statistics are produced for the printing of question papers.


“It is important for the credibility of examinations that only the required number of question papers based on the total number of subject entries are produced and producing additional copies of question papers at a later stage, like now, is not permitted,” she said.


The minister wished those candidates that did manage to register correctly the best of luck with their final examinations.


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