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Wet weather causes mayhem in Windhoek

Wet weather causes mayhem in Windhoek

Niël Terblanché

THE traffic department of the City of Windhoek (CoW) has issued a warning to motorists to be extra careful when driving in wet conditions after several car crashes were reported in the capital as the first rains of the new season came down on Monday morning.


Slippery conditions on the streets caused by the wet weather have always caught motorists in the capital off guard, with motor vehicle accidents occurring frequently.


As the morning progressed, a light shower fell over Windhoek and shortly afterwards at least three fender bending crashes occurred.


A motorcyclist also slipped and fell off his bike. The biker sustained less serious injuries while the motorists involved in the fender benders walked away unharmed.


Wet weather causes mayhem Windhoek traffic City CoW warning motorists driving
CRASH SCENES: Several motor vehicle accidents were reported in Windhoek on Monday after the first rain of the new season caused slippery driving condition in the streets of the capital.


The slippery conditions occur when rainwater mixes with oil, a fine deposit of rubber dust from the normal wear and tear of tyres, as well as dust that gathers on the streets.


The various liquids that leak from vehicles on a daily basis also contribute to the slippery film forming on street surfaces.


Worn tyres can also cause vehicles to skid over wet surfaces, which could also lead to crashes.


The CoW traffic department warned that people should be aware of the slippery conditions and warned drivers to reduce their speeds and also to make sure that the windscreen wipers on their vehicles are functioning properly.


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