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Backyard farmers assisted with seed

Backyard farmers assisted with seed

Maria David


THE agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the economic development of Namibia which presents excellent opportunities for sustained growth, employment, and poverty alleviation amongst people not necessarily involved in farming.


Oshana Regional Governor, Elia Irimari, said agriculture is the future, especially in the Oshana Region.


Irimari made the remarks during the handover of bags of seed to backyard farmers from the 11 constituencies in the region.


According to the governor, a total of 35 backyard garden owners were selected of which three of each came from each constituency while the remaining few were handpicked.


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“Those selected are owners of small backyard gardens that needed to be boosted in order to expand their production,” he said.


Irimari noted that WAP Pharmacy donated money to his office in order to acquire seeds for cabbage, onions, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and green peppers to the tune of N$35 513.30, while his office procured 34 watering cans at a cost of N$3 367.70.


Irimari urged the 35 beneficiaries to make use of the opportunity to produce and further explore the opportunities available in the agricultural industry.


Speaking on behalf of WAP Pharmacy Aron Emuno, those seeds are not only to benefit the community of the 11 constituencies but also for other people beyond the Oshana Region.


Emuno stated that there is a need to produce rather than depending on the government for everything.


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