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Mystery wreck identified

Mystery wreck identified

Niël Terblanché

DEBRIS washing up on a beach north of Cape Cross where several fishing trawlers were spotted close to shore had coastal residents worried that one of the vessels might have run aground.


The debris spotted on the beach at Rondeklip by an angler unfamiliar with the area, consisted of a television set, several wooden panels, and a door.


The various authorities involved with maritime affairs along the Namibian coast, however, said that no mayday was received from any vessel since the weekend and that an investigation will be launched into the report of the stranded vessel north of Cape Cross.



Representatives of the various authorities said that the debris found on the beach might be from another vessel that has been thrown overboard while steaming past Rondeklip


Leon Krause, a resident of Henties Bay and an expert angler, said the wreck seen by the other anglers are that of the Fukuseki Maru, a Japanese tuna fishing vessel that ran aground at that spot at the end of March 2018.


Krause said the debris seen by the other anglers might be from the wreck of the Fukuseki Maru, which could be starting break apart after more than two and a half years on the rocks, or that it could be that crewmen from another vessel threw the items overboard at some stage.


He said what is more concerning is the other fishing trawlers that were spotted in the vicinity of the wreck because it might indicate that fish pirates came close to shore to drag their nets in an area where they are not allowed to fish.


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