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Yacht sinks at anchorage

Yacht sinks at anchorage

Staff Reporter

A TWO-MASTED wooden-hulled sailboat that has been at anchorage in the Walvis Bay Lagoon for some time has sunk to the bottom of the sea after it sprung a leak.


According to a statement issued by the Namibian Ports Authority, the incident occurred at about 07:40 on Friday morning in full view of people working at the Walvis Bay Waterfront.


The sailboat that is known as a ketch because of its mast configuration was tied up on a mooring.


An initial investigation into the incident revealed that the wooden-hulled vessel sprung a leak on her keel whilst moored and subsequently took on too much water and settled on the shallow seabed beneath her. The vessel was unoccupied at the time of the incident and has no consequence on any surrounding vessels or on navigation.


Yacht sinks anchorage wooden-hulled sailboat Walvis Bay Lagoon sunk bottom sea
SUNKEN YACHT: A wooden-hulled ketch sank in the Walvis Bay Lagoon while at anchorage. Photo: Courtesy of Namport


The Engineering Executive of Namport, Elzevir Gelderbloem said that there was no pollution or debris evident from the scene and indications are that all fuel tanks were empty at the time.


He said a full investigation into the sinking to determine the cause of the incident has commenced and details will be released in due course.


The Port Authority has also instructed the owner of the ketch to remove the wreck at soon as possible.


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