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No female Swapo candidate for Oshana

No female Swapo candidate for Oshana

Placido Hilukilwa

DELEGATES to the Swapo Party district conferences held in the Oshana Region from 26 September to 4 October to nominate candidates for the impending elections have eliminated all the prospective female candidates for the regional elections in all its eleven constituencies.


Even the only female constituency councillor in the region, Rosalia Shilenga, failed the nomination phase.


Although the party submitted impressive zebra-style lists of male and female candidates for the three local authorities in the region, namely Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati, it has no female candidate for the region’s 11 constituencies.


Two incumbent constituency councillors, Andreas Amundjindi of Uukwiyuushona and Abner Shikongo of Oshakati-East were nominated unopposed.




In the Ongwediva constituency, two prospective female candidates, Hileni Nashongo and Dominika Kanelombe, were eliminated having garnered only 16 and 2 votes, respectively, from a total of 119 delegates.


Incumbent councillor Andreas Uutoni won with 72 votes. The other 29 delegates gave their votes to Johannes Nangolo.




Incumbent constituency councillor and member of the National Council, Rosalia Shilenga, was eliminated from the race having garnered only 27 votes, while her strongest challenger, Edmund Ishuwa, won comfortably with 66 votes. Another prospective female candidate, Magdalena Hango, only obtained 13 votes. Andreas Henok was also in the race and walked away with 20 votes.




When veteran constituency councillor of Uuvudhiya, Amutenya Ndahafa, announced that he is going to retire at the end of his current term of office, he opened the field for others to battle it out.


The only female prospective candidate, Veronika Shilongo, fell out in the first round, and Timoteus Shivute went on to defeat Fillipus Ashipala in the all-male second round. Shivute was voted by 41 delegates, one vote more than Ashipala’s 40 votes.




In the Oshakati-West constituency, former councillor Aram Martin won the nomination race in a dramatic comeback. Five years ago, Martin lost to current councillor Johannes Andreas, but he has now turned the tables, winning the nomination with 42 votes, three more than Andreas’s tally of 39 votes.


The two female prospective candidates, Turkie Tobias and Selma Shigwedha, were eliminated after obtaining only 14 and 11 votes, respectively.




Johanna Ashipala and Justina Toolu were Swapo’s two female prospective candidates for the Ompundja constituency, but they too performed poorly. Ashipala garnered 26 votes but Toolu only obtained 2 votes.


Incumbent councillor Adolf Uunona won with 64 votes. Leonard Amadhila was voted by 12 delegates.




In the Okatjali constituency, female prospective candidate Hileni Kakolo was the only serious challenge to incumbent councillor Joseph Mupetami, who is popularly known as “The Servant of the People”.


Mupetami eventually won the nomination race with 32 against Kakolo’s 12 votes.


There was a third contender, Sakeus Kasita, but he did not obtain a single vote out of 44 delegates.


Ondangwa Urban


Hileni Shikongo wanted to be Swapo’s candidate for the Ondangwa Urban constituency, but she only obtained 7 votes out of a total of 73 delegates. Incumbent councillor Leonard Negonga got 48 votes and won the race. The third contender, Kristian Mweshida, was voted by 18 delegates. There was one spoilt ballot.


Ondangwa Rural


Incumbent councillor Abraham Kaushiweni won the nomination comfortably, obtaining 64 votes out of a total of 74 delegates.


His female challenger, Ester Kagola obtained a mere 5 votes.


The third contender, Silas Nangombe, also walked away with 5 votes only.




In the Okaku constituency, incumbent councillor and chairperson of the Regional Council, Hannu Kapenda, faced and overcame a serious challenge from prospective female candidates Ester Fillemon who obtained 47 against Kapenda’s 70.


However, only one delegate voted for another female contender, Tuyenikelao Haufiku, while 11 delegates preferred Frans Niikondo.

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