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SA songbird Lira chosen as Namibia Tourism Ambassador

SA songbird Lira chosen as Namibia Tourism Ambassador

Marthina Mutanga

MULTIPLATINUM South African artist, Lerato Molapo, better known as Lira, has announced that she has been chosen to represent Namibia as the first-ever tourism ambassador.


She was selected as part of a new Travel Ambassador Initiative (TAI) by FENATA.


Lira yesterday wrote on her Facebook account that she took advantage of the tourism discounts that the Namibian tourism industry made available and as such, was able to explore all over Namibia.


“What a magical place. I felt connected to nature and the vast open spaces made me feel calm and at peace. The abundance of wild life had me in awe and I grew to appreciate the beautiful planet we live in. Namibia is quite pristine and nature is largely left alone to thrive with little human interference,” wrote Lira.


SA songbird Lira chosen Namibia Tourism Ambassador South African artist Lerato Molapo announced
TOURISM AMBASSADOR: South African musician Lira was chosen to influence tourism in Namibia. Source: Facebook page


She further explained that about two days ahead of South Africa’s lockdown in March this year, she had a strong urge to be in nature and to get out of the city.


Lira explained that a friend recommended Namibia and that she immediately packed her bags, food, masks and sanitizers and drove all the way to Namibia.


“What was meant to be a 21-day stay ended up being six of the most incredible months of my life,” she wrote, adding that being in Namibia sheltered her from the depressive side of the difficult time that is the pandemic.


FENATA represents different tourism products in Namibia, including car hire, accommodation facilities, tour operators, professional hunters, community based tourism enterprises, tourism products within Communal Conservancies, travel agents, tour guides, protected desert areas and businesses selling commodities to tourists.


The details of the agreement between Lira and FENATA and why it choose a South African to be a tourism ambassador for Namibia are not clear.


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