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Kilimanjaro will host a boxing tournament

Kilimanjaro will host a boxing tournament

Maria David

KILIMANJARO Boxing Club will be hosting its first-ever senior boxing amateur tournament at the Oshakati Independence Stadium.


The tournament is scheduled to take place on the 31st of October and according to Kilimanjaro Boxing Club Chairman and Promoter, Joseph Bernhard, more than 30 boxers from the Oshana, Ohangwena, Omusati, and Oshikoto regions including a team from Opuwo are expected to participate.


According to Bernhard, after the COVID-19 outbreak, everything came to a stand-still and the launch of the tournament is an opportunity for the club to bring back entertainment.


Kilimanjaro host boxing tournament Club hosting senior amateur tournament Oshakati Independence Stadium
LAUNCHED: Club Chairman and Promoter Joseph Bernhard of the Kilimanjaro Boxing Club announced that Namibia’s first boxing tournament after the COVID-19 lockdowns will take place at the end of October. – Photo by Maria David


He indicated that a lot of the boxers in the North have been resting their talent and that the tournament is aimed at exposing promising young athletes. He also said that the tournament will refocus a lot of young people on developing new skills instead of drinking, doing unproductive things, and wasting their talent.


“Our senior boxers need to show their skills and talent, and at the same time identify new boxers that can go into the professional side of the sport,” he said.


MTC spokesperson John Ekongo said the company through its annual sponsorship availed N$500 000 to the sport of boxing for the year. The tournament will be financed from the MTC sponsorship.


Ekongo urged all boxers in the North to inform their clubs and managers to ensure that they can also participate in the tournament.


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