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Woman defies odds despite blindness

Woman defies odds despite blindness

Maria David

FASELINU Ndjolonima, a 29-year-old woman from the Ekolola informal settlement in Eenhana is a living proof of the old adage that “disability is not inability.”


Ndjolonim has ventured into weaving traditional baskets to sustain herself and her children despite her visual impairment.


She said that she lost her sight after contracting measles when she was a little girl. The mother of four said she started weaving traditional baskets when she was only four-years-old.


Woman blindness Faselinu Ndjolonima Ekolola informal settlement Eenhana
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Faselinu Ndjolonima busy weaving baskets. – Photo by Maria David


“I cannot see therefore it was a bit challenging since I had to ensure I beautify my basket to stand out and speak for me,” she said.


She is not fortunate like other people with disabilities who benefit from government monthly social grant.


Ndjolonima said despite not receiving assistance from the government, her weaving has already helped her to feed her four children and buying basic needs for herself.


Ndjolonima said some of the challenges she faces currently is finding customers to buy her finished products.


She encouraged other people living with disabilities to stand up and make a difference and a living for themselves.


“Do not despair and remember that disability is not inability,” she said.


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