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Scammer steals N$100 000 in cash

Scammer steals N$100 000 in cash

Maria David

A SCAMMER stole N$100 000 in cash from a man, who had to watch how the real owner of a car he thought he bought, drove away with it.


In this regard, the Namibian Police in the Oshana Region is investigating a case of theft under false pretences.


Community Affairs Officer Inspector Thomas Aiyambo confirmed the incident and said the victim was roped into buying a car advertised on Facebook. The scammer is known to the victim only as Thomas.


Aiyambo stated that the complainant met the suspect who was selling the car on the social media platform. The scammer arranged to meet with the complainant at the Ongwediva Open Market at 18:37 on Friday afternoon to show him the vehicle and to complete the transaction.


Scammer steals N$100 000 cash
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“The suspect showed the car to the complainant where it was parked. The complainant liked the car and thought the transaction was completed when handed the scammer N$100 000 in cash in exchange for the car keys,” he said.


According to Aiiyambo, the complainant then went to open and drive his newly bought car home only to find out that the keys handed to him by the scammer were not for the vehicle.


When the victim realised that he was defrauded the scammer had already disappeared.


“To make matters worse, while the victim was looking for the scammer, he saw how the real owner of the car drove away with it,” Aiyambo said.
Aiyambo stated that the suspect’s mobile number has been turned off since the transaction was finalised.


The victim told investigators that he knows the suspect but no arrest has been made yet.


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