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Taxi driver face charges for overloading

Taxi driver face charges for overloading

Niël Terblanché

LAW enforcement officers in Windhoek were stunned when they stopped a taxi and saw ten people emerge from the car that is legally allowed to carry no more than five.


The vehicle was stopped in Independence Avenue in the Wanaheda residential area of Windhoek over the past weekend during routine crime prevention operations.



In a time where the COVID-19 infection rate in Windhoek is still dangerously high and where taxi drivers are not allowed to transport more than three passengers the ten people emerging from the vehicle is in contravention of several health regulations still in force.


The taxi driver was charged with contravening several traffic laws as well as contravening health regulations and was issued with a huge fine.


Members of the Namibian Police held the passengers on the scene until they found other taxis and boarded the vehicles in numbers allowed by health regulations, to get to their intended destinations.


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