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Tutekula children receive assistance

Tutekula children receive assistance

Maria David

THE Joy Makers Foundation has come to the aid of the Tutekula Children’s Centre at Onhuno by donating much-needed personal hygiene supplies.


The centre has been severely affected by the inactivity of Constituencies AIDS Coordinating Committees and Regional AIDS Coordinating Committees (RACOC and CACOC) in the Ohangwena Region.


Tutekula is an Oshiwambo word literally meaning “nurture us”.


The Tutekula Children’s Centre caters for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, concentrating on nurturing activities and other programs such as child growth and safety, as well as counselling and psychological care, daycare, feeding scheme, life skills and HIV/AIDS preventive methods, after school services and study motivation.


Tutekula children assistance Joy Makers Foundation Centre Onhuno hygiene supplies
HELPING HANDS: The Tutekula Children’s Centre receiving assistance. – Photo by Maria David


Established in 2018, the Joy Maker Foundation and it was formed on the pillar of helping all Namibians that need some assistance.


The Foundation donated clothes, handbags, shoes, toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing soap and pads to the children at the centre.
Marketing Director of the Joy Maker Foundation, Hambongo Salem, said they are sent by love, literally they are sent by God because he is the source of love for He is love.


“We are commanded to love our neighbours as we love ourselves and we should do to them what we want them to do for us. Giving from a pure heart of love is actually sowing a seed of blessings because it’s a blessing to give than to receive,” he said.


The Tutekula Children’s Centre, which caters for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, has an urgent need of help because it has 684 children from five constituencies, Ohangwena, Okongo, Oshikango, Omulonga and Engela, in its care.


Although the organization has such a large number of children, the organization is only able to care for 186 orphans and extremely vulnerable children.


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