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Community identify suspects in Shannon murder

Community identify suspects in Shannon murder

Staff Reporter

TWO text messages indicating where the body of Shannon Wasserfal was buried six months after her disappearance has opened the floodgates of information that will be investigated by the Namibian Police.


Not only were members of Walvis Bay community quick to identify three persons involved in the death of Wasserfal they also knew how she died and how she was buried. This after the Namibian Police offered a reward of N$50 000 for information that could be used to trace the young mother that was last seen alive on 10 April this year.


According to various member of the community a fight between Wasserfal and another young woman, only identified as Azaan, was the cause of her death.


Although not officially announced by the Namibian Police, residents of Walvis Bay and close family members of the 22-year-old Wasserfal also claimed that three people have been detained in connection with the murder of the young mother.


IMPLICATED: Azaan and the father of Shannon’s child, known at this stage only as Shoppy, are two of the three people currently detained by Police for questioning in Walvis Bay. – Photos: Facebook


Several other people said that Wasserfal walked in on Azaan and the father of her baby while they were in bed together. The father of the baby was identified as Shoppy.


A fight is said to have ensued during which Wasserfal fell and died after she hit her head.


Community members stated that Azaan was assisted by Shoppy and his friend to drive into the desert behind the Dunes Mall to bury Wasserfal’s body in a shallow grave.


Residents of the harbour town said that the trio used a light pickup truck, Azaan’s company vehicle, to transport the body to the place where they buried her.


Residents claim to know that the bakkie got stuck in the sand and Azaan, who was alone at that time, was assisted by other people to tow the vehicle out of trouble.


After the ordeal Azaan returned to her house where Wasserfal’s child was still waiting for his mother to return.


Four days later, Azaan allegedly registered a missing persons report at the Namibian Police while the father of Wasserfal’s child provided information to the police that she was last seen or heard from while in the Mile 4 Residential area of Swakopmund.


The two anonymous text messages that was sent to the Namibian Police directed investigators exactly to where her body was buried.
Members of the Walvis Bay community said that once detained by the Namibian Police, Azaan freely admitted that she and the baby’s father and his best friend were responsible for discarding the body after Wasserfal died and that the two men were then detained.


They said that Azaan used to be Shoppy’s and that the two women are related.


Earlier on Thursday, the head of the Namibian Police’s Criminal Investigation Division, Commissioner Maritz !Naruseb indicated that only one person was detained for questioning and the that charges of murder and attempting to interfere with the course of justice are being investigated.


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