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Shannon’s father recounts anonymous tip-off

Shannon’s father recounts anonymous tip-off

Zorena Jantze

THE bereaved father of Shannon Wasserfal, the 22-year-old young woman who went missing in April this year, said that he received two mysterious text messages from different cellphone numbers which eventually led to the discovery of the decomposed remains believed to be that of his missing daughter.


Tega Matheus, in an interview with Informanté, shared details of the case, as well as his adoration for the daughter he described as “a shy girl who was calm, God fearing, and loved spending time with her family.”


Matheus explained that he received a text messages on 1 October and another on 2 October from two unknown cellphone numbers alerting him that his daughter’s remains are buried in the dunes.


GOD FEARING: Shannon Wasserfal singing a gospel song before she went missing. Video: Instagram, Shannon Wasserfal


“The person texted me with details of the area where my daughter’s remains could be found. I tried dialling the number but it was off. The person who sent the text informed me that he noticed a group of guys hanging around in that area, and I should go have a look. It was written in bad english,” Matheus stated.


He further explained that the person also sent the same anonymous messages to his other daughter in Windhoek.


“I have a feeling that it’s someone who knows the family, or someone who might be close to the family who sent these messages. That said, my contact details were also on the missing posters so they might have gotten my contacts from there,” Matheus said.


Asked whether or not the family has received any information on forensic evidence which confirms that the remains found are that of his daughter, Matheus stated that the police head of department from informed him that 80% of the data collected confirms that the remains are in fact that of Wasserfal.


“They told me that the remains will be sent to Windhoek today, however, when I called them, they stated that a team of experts have been sent to assess the crime scene and the body still has to be kept for further analysis. Neither Shannon’s mother, nor I have viewed the remains yet,” he stated.


Matheus further stated that it has been difficult for him to come to terms with the events that led up to his daughter’s disappearance.


“Shannon grew up with me. She didn’t leave my side until she finished school and went to go stay with her mother and eventually got pregnant. She was always close to me. If a week passed without us talking, she would text and ask how I am doing,” an emotional Matheus recounted.


He added that his daughter was optimistic about the future and aspired to study media or law.


“It’s very hard. This world has changed drastically. I would like to tell all fathers with young daughters that they should keep them safe and teach them not to rely on boyfriends. We should emphasise to our young ones that education is the only way,” Matheus concluded.


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