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Nine decades of life celebrated

Nine decades of life celebrated

Maria David

RETIRED Evangelical Lutheran Church Bishop Kleopas Dumeni celebrated his 90th birthday at his residence in Ongwediva on Saturday.


A peaceful man, voice of the voiceless, humble, freedom, and justice bringer for all, were some of the words used to describe him.


Dumeni was also at the same occasion alluded to as a gift of ELCN given by God by his mercy, as his assistance went beyond the ELCN community alone.


President Hage Geingob said Bishop Dumeni, has always obeyed the voice of the Lord and in turn, blessings have come upon him and overtaken him.


Dr. Geingob stated that he knew Dumeni for more than five decades when their paths crossed in the United States of America and it was always a pleasure and uplifting for them to hear from him sharing with incisive detail political developments from home.



“Bishop Dumeni has been a good friend in my life. He has always been available during the good and demanding periods in my life and on matters of family, he has always been there to provide wise counsel,” he said.


Geingob noted that Bishop Dumeni has accompanied them during the difficult years of the struggle for independence, praying for them not to lose faith because the path they had chosen was just and freedom was inevitable.


“To demonstrate the love Bishop Dumeni has for his fellow human beings, his house was during our transition to independence a shelter for many,” Geingob added.


Geingob pointed out that over the past 30 years of Independence Bishop Dumeni has been with them, playing a pivotal role in guiding our nation spiritually and nurturing a generation of faith-based leadership.


Speaking at the same occasion, the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation and Founding President, Dr. Sam Nujoma, said that Dumeni reflected with fondness on the nine decades of the bishop and said his selfless life made a substantial contribution to the freedom and genuine independence of the country.


Dr. Nujoma stated that Bishop Dumeni’s leadership and formidable conviction shall forever remain a source of inspiration to the current abdomen future generations.


“I have no doubt that the future generations of our country shall jealously guard this freedom gained through many years of struggle by compatriots like Dumeni,” Dr. Nujoma said.


Dr. Nujoma indicated that the pages of Namibian history will be incomplete without the name Kleopas Dumeni and the patriotic sacrifices they have made for the independence of Namibia.


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