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Top cyclist injured in hit and run

Top cyclist injured in hit and run

Niël Terblanché

LOTTO Petrus, one of Namibia’s top professional cyclists, is looking forward to getting back on his bicycle after he was struck by a car while practicing on the Western Bypass on Friday.


Petrus said that he was on his way back to Windhoek when the hit and run incident occurred.


“When I got close to the Monte Christo bridge near the Van Eck Power Station, I had to get from one side of the road to the other in order to turn off to where I live. I was just about to go down the slipway when I was suddenly in the air,” he said while describing the ordeal.


The cyclist said that he fell on the ground with quite some force and only managed to see a champaign coloured car driving away at high speed.


Top cyclist injured hit run Lotto Petrus Namibia professional cyclists bicycle
Photo: Courtesy of Sean Naude


“Everything happened so quickly and I was unable to see the registration number of the car that hit me from behind. I was in incredible pain and unable to move,” he said.


Other motorists who witnessed the hit and run incident stopped at the scene and called for an ambulance.


“I was taken to hospital where medical staff took X-Ray pictures to see if I had broken any bones. Luckily I did not suffer any damage to my spinal cord or other limbs and the doctor sent me home to recover,” he said.


Petrus said he has a lot of stiff muscles and is still in a lot of pain.


“I look forward to getting back on my bike. I need to get in shape for the Desert Dash,” he said.


Petrus said he will need to buy a new bicycle because the one he uses is a complete write off.


In the meantime, the Namibian Police has requested any person who can identify the driver responsible for the hit and run incident to contact the nearest police station.


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