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Fishing quotas will be allocated in a timely fashion

Fishing quotas will be allocated in a timely fashion

Niël Terblanché

The hake sector of the Namibian Fishing industry will know by the first day of November how and to which companies fishing quotas will be allocated.


The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr. Albert Kawana, addressed the fishing industry on Friday and said that the final modalities with respect to the allocation of fishing rights to the more than 5 000 applicants will have to be put in place before quotas will be allocated.


“I give the Hake sector the assurance that the companies will have enough time to plan their fishing season because the quotas will be allocated on 1 November this year.”


Fishing quotas hake sector Namibian Fishing industry November quotas
THE WAY FORWARD: Dr. Albert Kawana addressed the fishing industry in Swakopmund. – Photo: Niël Terblanché


It is the first time since being appointed as the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources that Dr. Kawana had the opportunity to meet stakeholders in the fishing industry face-to-face.


Unlike when the fisheries minister gives the state of the industry address and due to the restriction of health regulations, Dr. Kawana, only met with the representatives of the various fishing associations.


He indicated that officials at the ministry are working night and day to finalize the new modalities that will regulate the fishing industry henceforth.


Dr. Kawana is set to host an in-depth meeting with the various fishing associations and other stakeholders on Saturday where the finer details of a new scorecard system that would determine who will be allocated fishing rights as well as how the size of future quotas will be determined.


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