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Ohangwena not the poorest region

Ohangwena not the poorest region

Maria David

THE governor of the Ohangwena Region says that for far too long, his region has been classified as the poorest in the country and that apart from the statement being untrue, energy has to be invested to ensure that the Ohangwena Region unleashes its fullest potential as a resources rich region.


“We need to do away with the label as the poorest region as we are not poor,” said Walde Ndevashiya, the governor of the Ohangwena Region.


He stated that residents of the northern region that borders the South of Angola need to start thinking out of the box in order to shake negative perceptions.



Ndevashiya further noted that the business community is a very important stakeholder when it comes to developing the region and its towns, adding that the Ohangwena Region is rich in water and that strategies are needed to develop an aquafarm for green schemes in order to boost the economy.


Ndevashiya also urged the local business community to continuously explore investment opportunities for the benefit of their region.


Chairperson of the Ohangwena Region Council, Erickson Ndawanifa, said his team remains a government for the people, a government to the people and a government by the people and that businessmen and women the backbone of any economy.


“We need to strengthen and improve our economy,” said Ndawanifa.


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