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Lawyer sues businessman over Twitter rant

Lawyer sues businessman over Twitter rant

Eba Kandovazu
WINDHOEK Businessman Tommy Tjaronda has once again been dragged to court for defamation, this time by prominent lawyer, Elize Angula.


According to court papers, Tjaronda made the defamatory remarks on his Twitter account when he labeled Angula “a lying Practicing Attorney.”


Tjaronda also claimed in a 2019 twitter post that has since been printed for evidence in court that Angula committed perjury.


Angula is demanding an amount of N$500 000 for damages, in addition to a retraction on Twitter, where the said defamatory remarks were made.



Tjaronda, who has been Angula’s client from 2012 to 2014, also posted on both his Twitter and Facebook accounts a picture of Angula with the caption “[I] Will make the lying lawyer famous for her extremely outrageous, unprofessional and untoward conduct.”


The utterances by Tjaronda, according to Angula, were made with the intention to injure her good name and reputation.


She also contends in her affidavit that a demand was made for Tjaronda to publicly apologise and remove the posts from his social media platforms, but that he refused to do so.


Last year, Tjaronda was also sued by Tjama Tjivikua, the former Vice Chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, for defamation of character.


In that matter, Tjaronda was ordered to remove with immediate effect all defamatory remarks he made against Tjivikua on his social media platforms, which also implicated Tjivikua’s wife, pending the lawsuit claim of N$400 000 against him.


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