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Theft of livestock increases in Oshana

Theft of livestock increases in Oshana

Maria David

A TOTAL of 46 stolen heads of cattle were recovered in the area of the Uuvudhiya Village by the Ondonga traditional authority.


The representative of Ondonga traditional authority, Lot Kasamane revealed during a community meeting held on Monday at Uuvudhiya.


According to him, the increase in livestock theft occurred mostly in the areas of Uuvudhiya, Omapale, and in other parts of the Ondonga traditional area.


Theft livestock increases Oshana stolen cattle recovered Uuvudhiya Village Ondonga authority
WELL ATTENDED: The community of Uuvudhiya turn up in huge numbers. Photo: Maria David


Kasamane pointed out that many of the recovered livestock which are kept for safety at the palace, owners turn to be discouraged from laying charges against the culprits.


“It sad that officials, who were to assist some of the people to bring those involved will tell a people to not lay charges as they have already got their livestock,” he said.


Kasamane called on traditional leaders from all the traditional authorities in the northern areas with the assistance of the government to come up with heavier sentences for livestock thieves.


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