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Purposely burning grazing areas is unacceptable

Purposely burning grazing areas is unacceptable

Maria David

THE burning of grazing areas on purpose in the area of Uuvudhiya constituency will no longer be tolerated.


Oshana Regional Governor Elia Irimari, made the remarks during a community meeting to address the outbreak of veldtfires in the constituency.


Irimari stated that action should be taken against those perpetrators that continues to burn in the area and damaging grazing areas.


burning grazing unacceptable Uuvudhiya constituency
DISAPPOINTED: OSHANA Regional Governor Elia Irimari addressing community members of Uuvudhiya. – Photo: Maria David


“It’s worrisome that people continue to cause veldtfires year in and year out,” he said.


Irimari pointed out that people have already forgotten about the heavy drought that was experience in the country last year,” he said.


Constituency Councillor Amutenya gwaNdahafa, also caution people to stop veldtfires in the region.


gwaNdahafa noted that grazing areas were scar due to drought, but now people are maintaining grass that is available this year.


As of two weeks ago, several outbreaks of veldtfires were recorded in the region which started at Omapale and was contained last week before it reached some part of Omusati, Kunene and Oshikoto regions.


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