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Otatashe villagers living without water

Otatashe villagers living without water

Maria David
RESIDENTS of the Otatashe village in the Eengodi constituency are living without a dependable source of water.

According to the residents, the village has a pipeline, but the flow of water at the community taps has been affected by a very low water pressure.

“The government has failed to send people to increase the water pressure despite repeated requests over the past two months. We are suffering both physically and psychologically and our animals are dying of thirsty. Our government needs to come to our rescue immediately,” said one villager.


Pictured: Councillor for Eengodi constituency, Protasius Neshuku. Photo: Contributed


Constituency councilor Protasius Neshuku said that his office is aware of the situation at Otatashe and that officials are working around the clock to provide water to the community.

According to Neshuku, some people living between Otatashe and Okashana Kokamanya have connected pipes from the main water line to their farms, which has drastically affecting the pressure of the already water.

“My office has already requested a water pressure booster,” he concluded.


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