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COVID-19 measures halt ID distribution

COVID-19 measures halt ID distribution

Zorena Jantze

CITIZENS who may have lost their national Identification Documents (IDs) or may wish to apply for new IDs are currently being turned away at the Home Affairs head office.


The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security halted operations temporarily to implement new COVID-19 safety measures.


Home affairs minister, Frans Kapofi stated that the current methods used are no longer safe for the issuance of IDs. “Taking photos and fingerprints, create close contact between people and pose as a health risk. The ministry is currently working towards a more digitalized system for the issuance of IDs,” Kapofi said.


He however added that the department has not fully ceased operations as Grade 11 and 12s are currently being handed out IDs. “We have not completely stopped operations as we tend to emergency cases,” Kapofi said.


Frustrated Namibians at the Home Affairs offices complained that they have no access to important institutions such as banks or applying for official permits. “They won’t even give us the green document which shows that my ID has been destroyed in a fire, I want to my banking, however, I can’t even have access to this cause the people just turn you away,” one of the concerned residents said.


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