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Locust swarms threaten grazing areas

Locust swarms threaten grazing areas

Niël Terblanché

GRAZING in the area of Katima Mulilo and other parts of the Zambezi Region is under threat from yet another swarm of red locusts that have invaded the land.


It is the second time this year that huge swarms of the insects have been moving over large areas of land destroying all plant life in their path as they move.


The spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, Margeret Kalo confirmed that giant swarms of red locusts have been detected and said that teams of officials have already been deployed to mitigate the situation.


SWARM ATTACK: Giant swarms of red locusts are creeping over parts of the Zambezi Region threatening grazing areas for animals. – Footage: Courtesy of Jens Viëtor


The officials will spray insecticide to kill as many of the insects as possible and to keep them from laying eggs,” she said.


According to Kalo the swarms currently moving over the affected area is a threat to grazing more than anything else.


“With the last outbreak in June, residents of the areas still had crops on their fields. The destruction of grazing for animals is currently the biggest threat,” she said.


The new outbreak occurred after the ministry had successfully controlled an earlier outbreak in June.over large areas of not only the Zambezi Region but also in the northeastern parts of the Otjozondjupa Region.


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