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Woman injured during freak accident

Woman injured during freak accident

Niël Terblanché

A WOMAN sustained serious injuries after she was smashed into a wall by an out of control car at the super Cool Service Station at Onhuno in the North.


The freak accident occurred on Saturday afternoon and has a closed circuit television footage to tell the story.


The woman was standing next to one of the fuel pumps at the service station when the driver of one car crashed at high speed into the back of another slower moving car (top right of the video).



The impact catapulted the slower moving car in the direction of the fuel pump where the woman was standing.


The woman was startled by the loud crash and attempted running away from danger, only to discover that the out of control vehicle was coming straight at her before she got smashed into the wall of the building at the service station.


The injured woman can be seen on available footage emerging from the wreckage before security guards and bystanders assisted her.


She was loaded into another car that rushed her to the Engela hospital.


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