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Otjinene community receive goats

Otjinene community receive goats

Marthina Mutanga

OTJINENE constituency council in the Omaheke Region delivered 200 goats to 14 beneficiaries to help the community.


The councillor of the Otjinene constituency, Erwin Katjizeu said that the initiative is part of their community development project, and it will add value to the lives of the beneficiaries.


Katjizeu noted that from a rural development perspective farming plays a major role in the lives of the local communities. Most of the animals were female he believes that the goats will multiply quickly and ensure that the community will be able to improve their lives with the help.


  • Otjinene community receive goats Omaheke Region help community


“One goat is worth N$2 500 which is quite a good price and when the offspring is sold or traded can contribute to the livelihood of the community,” Katjizeu said.


He said that that there are many opportunities when it comes to small stock farming and gave the assurance that the constituency office will monitor and evaluate the animals to make sure that the beneficiaries makes the most out of the project.


Two people who are living with disabilities, several women, and young people are amongst the beneficiaries that will drive the project.


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