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Problem elephant killed in Kunene

Problem elephant killed in Kunene

Maria David

OFFICIALS from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism were forced to shoot a bull elephant that was declared as a problem animal because it threatened the lives of people from the Ourundu-uozombara Village since last year.


MEFT spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, said that the elephant came into close proximity of the community homestead which led to one of the community shooting and injuring the elephant.


Muyunda noted that the injured elephant was increasingly becoming a danger to the community as a result of the gun wound that caused it to become very aggressive.


“On 6 September the elephant was again seen by villagers in the vicinity of the homes and at one stage started to charge at them. They immediately called in the officials who came to shoot the wounded animal,” he said.


He said that the ministry was left with no other choice but to send officials to shoot and kill the problem animal.


Muyunda made it clear that the Ministry does not find pleasure in declaring and destroying problem causing animals. He added that it is however sometimes required where humans coexist with wild animals.


He pointed out that the destruction of this elephant was done in accordance with the provisions of the Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Policy.


He indicated that the meat was distributed to the villagers and tusks were kept safe by MEFT regional office at Opuwo.


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