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Otjiwarongo unveils land delivery plan

Otjiwarongo unveils land delivery plan

Marthina Mutanga

THE Otjiwarongo municipality has launched an Accelerated Land Delivery Process Plan that is engineered to ease the backlog and fast track land delivery for middle to low income earners.


Otjiwarongo mayor, Bennes Haimbondi, said the local authority is a key agent of service delivery and development and that the provision of serviced land is one of its core functions.


Hence, he noted, that availing land to the residents of Otjiwarongo and the general masses has always been a priority to the Council.


Haimbondi noted the limited access, particularly to land in the informal area, is of great concern to all.


“The problem has always been and will be the mismatch between the supply of developable land and the demand thereof, which is exacerbated by the long land delivery process itself,” Haimbondi said, adding that addressing the persistent imbalance will not only unleash the full potential of the housing market and its contribution to the economy, but will also address the social aspects related to sustainable and affordable housing.


“We are all aware that land grabbing in Otjiwarongo has been an issue of concern for the last five years. Council has taken a bold step to mitigate the situation in planning for about 16 townships establishment through the formal process to obtain township establishment certificates after board approvals since 2018 to deliver about 4000 mixed-use of erven,” he said.


According to him, the formal process has been extremely delayed by internal processes and continues to lead to the slow responsiveness to the increasing population growth rate in the town where demand for formalised land is greater than the supply thereof.


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