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Agricultural Development boss commits suicide

Agricultural Development boss commits suicide

Niël Terblanché

THE suspended Managing Director of the Agricultural Business Development Agency of Namibia (Agribusdev), Petrus Linekela Uugwanga, has committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun in the chest.


According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the lifeless body of Uugwanga was found next to his grey Volkswagen Amarok in Matshishi Road in the Otjomuise residential area of Windhoek at around 14:22 on Wednesday afternoon.


According to the report, a pump action shotgun was found on the ground a few meters away from the body.


suicide suspended Managing Director Agricultural Business Development Agency Namibia Agribusdev Petrus Linekela Uugwanga
Pictured: Late Petrus Linekela Uugwanga. Photo: Contributed


The motive for the suicide is not yet known as Uugwanga did not leave behind a suicide note.


Uugwanga was suspended from his position at Agribusdev at the beginning of June this year to allow for investigations into his alleged mismanagement of the agency’s funds over the past few years.


It is Agribusdev’s mandate to manage the various green scheme projects across Namibia.


The green schemes are supposed to produce food for residents of the country struggling with food security and to sell off the surplus produce to generate revenue.


Over the past few years, the agency has been struggling to make ends meet, as well as struggled to pay suppliers and the salaries of its employees.


The agency is also said to owe N$20 million to a South African agricultural company.


Shortly before his suspension from the post of Managing Director, Uugwanga informed the agriculture ministry that the agency is again unable to pay the overdue salaries.


At the time of Uugwanga’s suspension, the chairperson of the Agribusdev Board of Directors, Sophia Kasheeta, said that necessary steps were taken to ensure smooth investigations into the allegations of maladministration and dubious tender allocations.


The agriculture ministry late last year announced that it would lease out seven of its 11 green schemes to ensure financial viability.


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