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Dumpsite residents receive food

Dumpsite residents receive food

Maria David

THE dumpsite is no longer just for large mounds of garbage, but some residents of Tsumeb also turned it into their workplace and in some cases even their home.


The group of dumpsite scavengers received food parcel donated to them by the town’s council.


Town Councillor Lebbius Tobias handed over several heads of cabbage, cooking oil, macaroni, rice and bread.


  • Dumpsite residents food dumpsite garbage Tsumeb cases home
  • Dumpsite residents food dumpsite garbage Tsumeb cases home


“I just gave them what l got as they always complain they have no food and that’s the reason they go there to get some tins, wires and such stuff to go sell,” he said.


He added that a week before the handover, his family also donated spinach from their small vegetable garden.


“I just share with them what l get because sharing is caring,” he said.”


Tobias indicated that they started off with handing over the food items to Tsumeb Old Age Home and the people that eke out a living on the rubbish dump.


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