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Laziness is the cause of hunger

Laziness is the cause of hunger

Placido Hilukilwa

THE head of the Ombadja Traditional Authority, Chief Matias Walaula, says that hunger has a straightforward solution. And that solution is called “hard work”.


Walaula was the main speaker at an event organized by the Kwathela Oshigwana Foundation at Ondangwa on Thursday.


The Kwathela Oshigwana Foundation was established earlier this year to assist those who are badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Foundation has ever since sent two truckloads of humanitarian aid to Erongo. It has also assisted three families whose traditional homesteads were destroyed by fire and helped a needy mother of twins.



The second consignment was ready by Thursday and it consisted of second-hand clothes, more than 500 bags of mahangu meal and an assortment of other agricultural produce.


Positive response

Walaula said that the coronavirus has taught the traditional authorities, and the Namibian nation in general, a very important lesson.


“The people under the traditional authorities have responded positively to the cry for help from the Erongo Region by giving the needed assistance. We are still ready to give to those who are negatively affected, wherever they are,” he said.


However, he immediately turned his attention to those Namibians who experience hunger, not because of natural phenomena such as COVID-19 and the reoccurring drought, but rather because they do not want to work.


“They eat but do not want to work. Working hard is the only solution to hunger. It is also a way of making sure that people do not look at you with contempt,” he said.


He exhorted Namibians to take hands and work hard to eradicate hunger from the country.


He further urged the agriculture ministry to play its part by harvesting water and making land available for food production.
Excellent job.


Headman Joseph Kamati, who spoke on behalf of the chairperson of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority George Nelulu who is the patron of the Kwathela Oshigwana Foundation, said that the Foundation is doing an excellent job.


He added: “Whenever doing something good be mindful that there will always be some people to encourage you and others to discourage you. What you are doing is excellent.”


The foundation’s spokesperson, Ben Mulongeni, said that the people in the Erongo Region still need assistance.


“Walvis Bay was hard hit by the coronavirus and the Twaloloka squatter camp was destroyed by fire. The lifting of the lockdown does not mean that assistance is no longer needed. We cannot stop giving now already,” he said.


The founder of the Kwathela Oshigwana Foundation, Paulus Kornelius, expressed concern about those claiming that his initiative was politically motivated, adding that the Foundation gives to the needy regardless of political or religious affiliation.


Major contributors include the traditional authorities of Ombadja, Oukwanyama, Uukolonkadhi and Ondonga; the Shivute Building Material and Warehouse [of former Brave Warriors’ player Eliphas ‘Safile’ Shivute]; churches; the office of the Ohangwena regional governor, and the Okapana Service Station at Ondangwa.


Local volunteers assist with processing, packaging and loading, while businessman John Akapandi Endjala has provided storage and office facilities in his complex opposite the Ondangwa Expo Centre.


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