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Onawamed launches countrywide sanitizer campaign

Onawamed launches countrywide sanitizer campaign

(Windhoek, Namibia) Trustco Life Limited the long-term insurance company, a subsidiary of Trustco Group Holdings (TGH) recently introduced its own medical insurance called Onawamed for its existing and new clients. 


Onawamed provides affordable cover to families against the costs of private doctor’s medical consultations countrywide. 


The world is gripped under the current global Covid-19 pandemic, a situation that puts every Namibian equally at risk on a daily basis. Even your daily trip to your doctor, which has always been seen as a place of sanctuary for those afflicted by ailments are feeling increasingly uncomfortable for a general trip like that, due to the fear of contracting the virus. Onawamed, through various doctor’s practices country-wide as a key stakeholder, decided to provide hand sanitizers to a number of practices. Insured members enjoy benefits of 15 doctors’ consultations and fifteen acute medication up to the value of N$ 150-00 per prescription that safeguards sufficient coverage for members that cannot afford a traditional medical aid. The daily precautionary measures like washing of hands, sanitizing frequently and continued social distancing protocols are the basic steps one should follow to ensure that you are not contracting the virus.



The Head of Trustco Life, Annette Brand said: “The paradigm shift from considering a hand sanitizer as an optional item in our daily lives to an essential item in our pocket or households surely made us all reconsider our daily behaviour. At Trustco Life, the safety of our clients visiting the contracted 22-health care practitioner’s country-wide is of utmost importance. We are doing our part in curbing the spread of this pandemic through this initiative.”.


The roll-out campaign for the sanitizers starts this week in Windhoek and will be speedily introduced through all corners of our country where all Onawamed clients are, ensuring a safe environment for them all. 


For more information contact any of the Trustco Life offices countrywide or visit the Trustco Life website at or email


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