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Werner Iita returns as Oshakati CEO

Werner Iita returns as Oshakati CEO

Staff Reporter

WERNER Iita, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Oshakati Town Council who resigned last year to vie for a seat in the National Assembly, has regained his position. A council meeting adopted a resolution to that effect Thursday afternoon.


The expected battle between the two Swapo factions in the council was averted at the last minute when two Swapo councillors – Gabriel Kamwanka and Ndamononghenda Hamunyela – were allegedly diverted to a Swapo Party meeting that happened on the same day, at the same time.


Of the four Swapo councillors and one PDM councillor who attended the council meeting, three were in favour of reappointing Iita, while two were against.


Werner Iita Oshakati CEO Chief Executive Officer Town Council
Pictured: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Oshakati Town Council, Werner Iita. Photo: Contributed


There were pleas to postpone the meeting to another day to allow the two absent councillors to be present, but the request was shot down.


An interview panel recommended Okahao CEO Timoteus Namwandi as the suitable candidate, while Iita emerged as the second-best.


However, the town’s management committee adopted a resolution recommending Iita as the most suitable candidate.


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