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Namibians celebrate good first rains

Namibians celebrate good first rains

Marthina Mutanga

RESIDENTS of Gobabis celebrated as the first rain of the season came down in buckets on Thursday afternoon.


To the north of the Omaheke Region farmers in the vicinity of Grootfontein were surprised by heavy rain showers where as much as 73 millimetres of rain was measured.


More rain was reported at places like Rundu in the north and Katima Mulilo in the far northeast of the country. As much as 15 millimetres of rain was measured in parts of the Zambezi Region.


RAIN JUBILATION: Residents of Gobabis celebrated the first rain of the season on Thursday. – Footage: Contributed


Odillo Kgobesti, Chief Weather Forecaster at the Namibia Meteorological Service, perpetuated the good news when he said the rain will continue today over large parts of the country.


“Rain is also expected over the coastal towns tomorrow and over the weekend, cooler weather will set in over the central and southern regions over the weekend,” Kgobetsi said.


According to Kgobesti the short-term prediction is normal to above-normal rainfall over large parts of countries in the Southern African Development Community and island states in the Indian Ocean. Normal to above-normal rainfall is expected over the northern and eastern parts of SADC as well as Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.


He said normal to above normal rainfall can be expected in the first quarter of 2021 in most of Angola, western half and north-western tip of Botswana, Comoros, most of the DRC, western Lesotho, northern Malawi central and northernmost of Madagascar Mauritius; northern Mozambique northernmost and central to southern parts of Namibia; central South Africa most of Tanzania, Seychelles and northern and western parts of Zambia.


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