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Iita makes a comeback

Iita makes a comeback

Staff Reporter

WERNER Iita, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Oshakati Town Council who resigned his position last year, is making a comeback.


He will most likely regain his old position this Thursday when the Council meets to appoint the new CEO for the town.


Iita resigned from his position last year when he was placed on the Swapo Party candidate list for the National Assembly. He failed to make it to the August House, and when the CEO position was advertised, he too joined the list of applicants.


Former Chief Executive Officer Oshakati Town Council Werner Iita resigned last year comeback
Pictured: Former Chief Executive Officer of the Oshakati Town Council, Werner Iita. Photo: Contributed


The five short-listed candidates were interviewed on August 7 and the interview panel recommended Timoteus Namwandi as the most suitable candidate.


Namwandi, who is the current CEO of the Okahao Town Council, scored 72.8%.


The panel further recommended that Iita, who was second best with 72.2%, should be given the job in the case of Namwandi declining to take it.


The other three interviewed candidates were Emilia Ndahabelela Nanyeni (67.6%), Junias Shawapala Jacobs (62.4%), and Nathanael Nendongo (40.2%).


However, contrary to the interview panel’s recommendation of Namwandi as the best suitable candidate, the Oshakati town council’s management committee met on August 31 and adopted a resolution recommending Iita as “the suitable candidate”.


According to council documents, the resolution was moved by councillor Katrina Shimbulu and seconded by councillor Loise Shivolo. They are the only members of an incomplete management committee.
The third member of the committee could not be appointed due to internal squabbling.


Two of Swapo’s six councillors refused to be sworn in, protesting the presence of councillor Shimbulu who – just like Iita – resigned her position last year to vie for a seat in the National Assembly, but returned to her council seat after failing to go to Parliament.


The Swapo Party tried to remove her but was rebuffed in court, leaving the Oshakati town council in limbo, with no ability to appoint a third member of the management committee.


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