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Thieves steal N$300k in Fransfontein NamPost robbery

Thieves steal N$300k in Fransfontein NamPost robbery

Zorena Jantze

POLICE at Fransfontein in the Kunene Region are on the hunt for three suspects who emptied the safe of Nampost and stole N$300 000 intended for pension fund payouts.


Deputy Commissioner, Kauna Shikwambi said that a case of robbery with aggravated circumstances was opened today at Fransfontein.


“The incident occurred today, Tuesday 1 September, at around midnight at the Fransfontein NamPost. It is alleged that a security guard who was deployed nearby the post office observed two people suspiciously running from the post office. He immediately contacted the police, which responded and went to attend,” explained Shikwambi.


Upon arrival at the post office, the police discovered that all doors of the post office, including the burglar door and the safe, were wide open.


Shikwambi added that the local police then drove to the residence of the postmaster, who is well known in the town, with the aim of informing him.


“Surprisingly, upon arrival at his house, he was found seriously assaulted and fastened with electrical cables and left lying on the floor covered in blood. He was rushed to the clinic and is currently admitted at Khorixas state hospital,” she stated.


According to the victim, he was assaulted by three unknown men, two of whom were covered with balaclavas.


The men allegedly assaulted him and demanded for the post office keys, which he later surrendered.


Shikwambi further noted that the postmaster yesterday received a large amount of money intended for pension payouts.


“Tracks were followed for about 5km on the gravel road up to the area where the tracks stopped. The thieves probably boarded a vehicle. The police is currently pursuing of the suspects as no one has yet been arrested. These type of crimes are usually collaborative, so police investigations are continuing and with the assistance of the public, we will bring everyone involved to book,” Shikwambi concluded.


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