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Man succumbs to a knife wound

Man succumbs to a knife wound

Maria David

AN autopsy will be conducted to determine the actual cause of death of the 61-year-old Iiyambo Vitalis Gwashi Festus, who died in the Oshakati State Hospital almost a week after being stabbed in the ribcage with an Okapi knife.


Omusati Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo, said a 44-year-old man was arrested and a case of murder was registered at the Omahenene police station against the suspect.


He indicated that the incident occurred at around 13:30 on the 18th of August at Omindamba border post in the Outapi Constituency.


According to Shikongo, the suspect and Festus allegedly had an argument over a misunderstanding about a boat that was fixed by the deceased.


“It is alleged that another person who was in the company of the deceased hit the suspect with a brick on the head, after which the suspect drew an Okapi knife and stabbed the deceased on the left side of his ribcage,” he said, adding that the deceased sustained an open wound.


Shikongo noted that the deceased was then treated at Outapi state hospital on the same day of the incident and was discharged after treatment.


On Friday the 22nd of August the deceased person went for a follow-up examination at the Outapi hospital and was transferred to Oshakati State Hospital in a critical condition.


“On Monday a report was received from Oshakati that the victim died last week Saturday at the Oshakati hospital Intensive Care Unit,” he said.


Shikongo stated that a case of Assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm was initially registered but that the charge has now changed to that of murder.


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