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Serial child rapist arrested

Serial child rapist arrested

Maria David

A 17-year-old boy from the Indongo yaKeelu Village could be labelled as one of Namibia’s worst serial child rapists if investigations confirm what his accuser alleges.


Investigators from the Namibian Police are busy interviewing a family from the village about the rape of three of their minor children of which one is a three-year-old toddler.


Oshikoto Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Armas Shivute, revealed to Informanté on Saturday that three minors aged nine, seven and three have become victims of the suspect.


Serial child rapist arrested boy Indongo yaKeelu Village Namibia investigations
Pictured: Oshikoto Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Armas Shivute. Photo: File


Commissioner Shivute pointed out that the incidents of rape occurred repeatedly between May to and the 12th of August this year. The suspect is accused of abusing the children sexually at night when the parents are asleep.


“It is alleged that the suspect, who moved into the same house as victims form a neighbour’s house recently and that he since then coerced and forced the smaller children to have sex with him,” Shivute said.


He stated that the suspect was believed to have been entering the bedroom of the two older girls at night where he had sexual intercourse with them. It is further alleged that he raped the three-year-old toddler, who normally slept in her parent’s bedroom when she came to the sitting room during the early hours of the morning. The suspect slept in the lounge.


“The mother started questioning the older girls when she found footprints of the suspect entering their bedroom and they started narrating their ordeal to her and their father while the younger child demonstrated how the suspect was having sexual intercourse with her,” he said.


Shivute pointed out that the matter was then reported to NamPol by the mother of the victims and the suspect was arrested.


“An investigation is underway to establish the reason why the suspect was chased away from the neighbour’s house. A distinct possibility exists that he was doing the same thing at the neighbour’s home,” said Shivute.


According to Commissioner Shivute the suspect is set to make his first court appearance on the rape and abuse charges early next week.


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