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Boreholes have dried up in Ohangwena

Boreholes have dried up in Ohangwena

Maria David

THE Ohangwena Region is experiencing a water shortage and the situation is aggravated by the persistent drought.


The Regional Governor Walde Ndevashiya Ohangwena delivered his maiden State of the Region Address (SORA) on Tuesday and said that boreholes, which are the main source of water for many residents, have either dried up or are in need of maintenance and repairs, while water from some boreholes is unfit for human consumption due to high fluoride content.


“In an effort to ensure that all residents have access to potable water, 810,000 cubic meters of water was delivered with water tanks to the most affected communities in Omundaungilo, Oshikunde and Epembe constituencies,” he said.


Ohangwena Region water shortage aggravated drought
Pictured: Regional Governor of Ohangwena, Walde Ndevashiya. Photo: File


According to him, the region faces many challenges, including that of water scarcity especially in the constituencies in the eastern part of the region where piped water is still a dream yet to come true.


Ndevashiya noted further that in an attempt to arrest the situation, two deep boreholes were drilled and installed at Oshongwe and Omalapapa in Omundaungilo and Oshikunde constituencies at the cost of N$5,1 million. Additionally, 25 shallow boreholes were installed in Oshikunde, Omundaungilo and Okongo constituencies at the cost of N$6 million, while a total of 1,817 individual household water meters were connected to rural water supply water pipeline system in the period under review.


Ndevashiya stated that government has also excavated an earth dam at Oshifitu in Oshikunde Constituency at a cost of N$670,000 and a 17-km water pipeline is under construction at a total amount of N$3,5 million.


A 500 m³ water storage reservoir was constructed by NamWater at Eenhana, costing about N$24 million.


Projects that are still underway include upgrading works on the Iindangungu water storage reservoir; the Omafo-Eenhana pipeline; the Omafo-Omungwelume and Omakango-Onambutu schemes.


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